Sterilized Substrate

Sterilized Substrate

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Our sterile mushroom substrate is formulated by experienced mycologists. It is a proprietary blend of composted manure, supplements, and other nutrients, designed to increase yield and speed of growth. It can be used in monotubs or outdoor beds, and will also grow mushrooms straight from the bag in a humidity-controlled grow room, offering a rewarding experience for mushroom farmers.

Media: Chicken manure mix

Moisture Content: Hydrated to field capacity

Bag Weight: 5 lbs

Substrate is hydrated to field capacity.

We recommend 1 lb of colonized grain spawn for every 5 lbs of substrate.


Wash your hands thoroughly and wear latex gloves when using substrate to minimize the introduction of contaminants.

Mix colonized grain spawn thoroughly into your substrate. 

Wait a minimum of 1 week after arrival before using sterile substrates to ensure they were not compromised during transit. We fully guarantee our products and we will replace your substrate was compromised, we will replace it. 


Store substrate at room temperature out of direct sunlight. No refrigeration is necessary. Product can be stored for several months.


Shroomeaz substrate is sterilized in a commercial-grade autoclave. Sterility is verified using biological indicators and temperature sensors.